Why Proper SEO is Critical for Your Website

As a website owner, having your site maximized for search engine optimization, or SEO, is critical to attracting — and keeping — the kind of traffic you need for success.

What Exactly is SEO?

SEO refers to the way search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others match search queries to relevant content from all over the internet.

Better SEO optimization can help bring more high-quality traffic to your site. But as business owner, you need to do more than just please the search ‘bots and algorithms with your website — you also need to persuade visitors to become customers.

So, a great SEO plan will not only help your site get noticed — and ranked higher — by search engines, it will also be appealing to your human visitors.

The Flagstone SEO Difference

We have over 12 years of experience creating targeted SEO plans for clients that drive traffic and get results.

Flagstone has the specialized knowledge necessary to improve your brand’s exposure while also increasing the time visitors spend on your site — elements that contribute to better conversions and more revenue for you.

Here are just a few reasons why our results are tops in our industry.

SEO — the ethical kind — is the driving force behind each internet marketing service we offer, from social media marketing and custom web content to PPC management services and responsive web design.

Ethical, or White Hat SEO, is focused on using techniques to attract your human audience rather than simply concentrating on search engines.

The Flagstone SEO consulting process involves using cutting-edge, above-board methods to engineer your website. Using our expertise, your site will rank well for targeted keywords within “natural” or organic search results of the largest search engines — Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Black Hat SEO is used by some companies to give clients a huge return in a short time using techniques like invisible text, doorway pages, and the most common — keyword stuffing.

Some agencies also use spam software to insert poor-quality backlinks into your site. If search engines catch on — and they normally do — they can lower your site’s rankings for a given keyword, resulting in disastrous metrics.

Using Black Hat SEO techniques can also result in your website being banned.

If you get banned, you must go back through your site and remove each of the many spam-generated backlinks in order to get your site “right” with the search engines once more — a laborious undertaking.

Ultimately, your website’s goal should be quality traffic more than rankings. And to drive traffic, the most effective — and least expensive — technique involves building your site’s referrals through organic search.

Flagstone delivers outstanding ROI through Local SEO services for our clients. Local SEO is particularly important for businesses that have a brick-and-mortar location and need to get local traffic.

The Yellow Pages and mailers have fallen by the wayside. But Flagstone’s premier local SEO service targets Google, Yelp, City Search, Manta and other online directories to give your products and services the exposure they need with your local community.

Fortunately, there’s less competition among local business SEO than there is nationally or globally, so local SEO is a great place to make headway for your brand.

And Flagstone has an extraordinary way to get you on the local map — fast and effectively. In fact, our process gets such remarkable results that we’ve made it proprietary.

Our SEO process involves searching for the keywords that give you the perfect balance of traffic and conversion. While any marketing company can drive traffic to your site, you must have quality traffic to convert leads to customers.

Why Choose Flagstone?

Your business is a great fit for Flagstone if:

Sadly, many marketing companies claim to have “expert” SEO experience, while in reality they have only vague notions of how to implement a critical SEO plan.

These individuals with surface-level understanding often do severe, irreparable, damage to website owners who are fooled by their false credentials.

Flagstone has over 12 years of dedicated SEO planning — and we have an extensive portfolio of referrals and work to prove it.

Because of our cutting-edge knowledge, Flagstone clients enjoy an increase in both organic search referrals and conversions of leads to customers on their sites.

Take advantage of true expertise — schedule a consultation now.

Get a 7-Point Local SEO Audit

Your BrightLocal audit report will include sections for Links & Website Authority, Search Rankings, Local Business Listings, Reviews & Ratings, Google My Business, On-Site SEO, & Social Channels

Get a 7-Point Local SEO Audit

Your BrightLocal audit report will include sections for Links & Website Authority, Search Rankings, Local Business Listings, Reviews & Ratings, Google My Business, On-Site SEO, & Social Channels
get this comprehensive seo audit now

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