Twitter’s New 280 Character Limit: Double the Pleasure or Double Trouble?

twitter's new 280-character limit

Last week Twitter doubled the character limit on tweets, bringing the max length of a tweet to 280 characters.  Yippee! Has Twitter doubled the pleasure and doubled the fun of using Twitter?Results are still pending… Why Double? When Twitter started out in 2006, it based its character limit on the number of characters that […]

Pinocchio’s guide to social media for business

“I want to be a real boy.” That’s not Pinocchio. That’s your business. Let’s face it. You want to be friends with real people. Not with companies. How many times have you felt “wow, I really want to get to know this company better!” Maybe if it was Apple, or Chipotle, or some other major […]

The many benefits of a LinkedIn company page

linkedin company page

If your business has employees, chances are many have already updated their personal profiles to show where they work i.e. your company’s name. So now, every LinkedIn user that connects with an employee’s profile may potentially click on your company name and land on your LinkedIn Company Page. Thus, first impressions will be formed based […]

How Google Plus helps your SEO: The importance of integration and quality content

google plus for seo

Did you know Google Plus can help your SEO and get your website better placed on Google? Perhaps you’ve ignored Google Plus since it began, considering you may think of it as strictly a social media hangout for Google employees rather than a mechanism for helping search engine optimization. But because Google describes the place […]