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Quality web design boosts sales but also of utmost importance is choosing the right CMS and developing a site that’s truly SEO friendly.

Why quality website design boosts sales

The primary objective of any website is to boost sales. Even when the product is an idea, as is often the case with non-profit sites, selling that idea is of utmost importance. That’s why business owners are faced with the issue of how to create a site that will truly provide a positive impact on their sales volumes. When it comes to website design best practices, it pays to heed the advice of an industry professional, as browsers are constantly in a state of flux, and what’s most important today may not be as relevant tomorrow. Assuming that’s really the case, what are the top factors business owners should insist on for their websites today?

Make absolutely sure your website’s design is easy to access and use

While that may sound obvious, far too many websites are clumsily designed, making them less than attractive to users. What makes a site user-friendly? Most importantly, the site must load quickly. Site visitors quickly lose interest and move on to a competitor’s site if your site doesn’t load quickly. To check how fast a site loads, access it from a remote computer. If its load time is sluggish, discuss the issue with those who understands the intricacies of optimizing content to ensure your site doesn’t fail to provide the speed users demand.

Ensure site navigation is easy

While this is related to the first comments, it’s important to understand that once users access your page, they want to move quickly from one area of the page to another when looking for specific information. If the menus are not well organized or easily found, potential clients will move on to friendlier territory. The way users navigate is constantly evolving as they move from one type of device to another, so there is no simple way to make sure everyone can navigate easily on laptops, smartphones, or tablets. We will develop a strategy to make sure all users can easily access different areas of your site regardless of the device they are using.

Pay attention to the demands of search engines

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines are in the business to make money. That means they promote sites that meet their demands. If your site is to rank well on Google, for example, you must follow practices the search engine demands. The algorithms used by all search engines are highly complex, but their goals are to provide links to sites users will benefit from. When users don’t find what they need quickly when using one search engine, they’ll quickly go to another one. Google doesn’t want that to happen since their revenue depends on users continuing to use their search engine. To put it more bluntly, your bottom line is far less important to the search engines than their own is so, if your site doesn’t provide what the search engine wants, your ranking will quickly drop. Working closely with a web design expert keeps your site up-to-date with the demands of Google and the other search engines.

Choose the right content management system (CMS)

Content management systems (CMSs) allow designers and site owners to control the site’s content. A custom WordPress design, for example, allows a site designer as well as the site owner to quickly address issues with any site. That means when Google changes its algorithms, your site can quickly be modified to meet those demands, minimizing the chances of any negative consequences to your bottom line. Before making any decision on a CMS for your site, discuss the pros and cons of different options with a site design expert. While it’s not always easy to select a CMS, it’s vitally important. Work with your website design professional to determine not only your site’s current needs, but it’s expected needs in the future. It’s far easier to take a little time to choose the best site today rather than having to migrate to a new CMS at some point in the future.

seo web designDevelop a website that’s truly SEO friendly

Search engine optimization is not a simple process, which means your site must have the capability to quickly deal with issues that come up. Since your site’s success is directly related to your bottom line, it’s important to use coding that’s efficient and meets the requirements of all the major search engines. That’s not something an average business owner can accomplish on their own. Staying on top of SEO requirements is a skill that’s developed over time and is always changing. That’s why collaborating with an SEO expert is always important.

Take advantage of current web design trends

Today’s site visitors are just as likely to be using an iPhone as they are to be using a desktop computer. That simply means site owners need to work closely with a design expert who understands the current trends and incorporates strategies for optimizing an iPhone user’s experience as well as taking advantage of other platforms. It’s also vital that every site owner recognizes the importance of social media sites and take advantage of the opportunities Facebook and other social media sites offer. Developing an seo-friendly website design can quickly boost revenues.

Obviously, these elements are important to discuss with your web design specialist, but there are other considerations you may wish to explore as well. Since each business is unique, it’s important to create a site that suites your specific needs rather than relying on cookie-cutter approaches often promoted online. To generate the highest return on your investment, work closely with a design professional.

SEO-friendly website design philosophy

Our philosophy on web design is a three-legged stool:

  1. Website design “look & feel”
  2. Solid usability
  3. SEO-friendliness

If your website is not ranking well, then what good is it doing your business? Further, if people are visiting your website, but those visits are not converting to leads, what purpose does your website serve?

Therefore, we don’t design websites solely to satisfy search engine bots. We also build websites that are pleasing to the eyes, clutter-free, and most importantly, turn prospects into customers. After all, the purpose of your business’s website is as a sales- and lead-generation tool, if not a face and image to present to the world.

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