How We Build Your SEO Campaign

We approach SEO from a highly technical angle that gives us a sophisticated hierarchal view from a vertical market perspective. Our SEO strategies and concepts are designed, tested and implemented with technical, educational and direct response considerations in mind.

Bottom Line: The success of any SEO strategy lies in the ability to be able to tell the search engines or users what the site is about. The main consideration and foundational center point for our SEO campaign centers around our ability to effectively grow a site’s Inbound Link Strength.

By using the internal links within your site to increase relevance and visibility to your pages, you will gain authority and rankings within the search engines.

Our core strategies include white hat-only SEO tactics, relevant content creation and Syndication, ongoing site revisions based on behavior metrics , high level programming architecture for site structure and a perpetual tracking keyword system for tracking all chosen keywords and clusters through their lifecycle.

This is where we set up all work documents for your project, where we conduct a full review of the current site in order to develop a plan of optimization. In this phase, a site blueprint will be created in order to theme and silo the sections of information within the site.

In this phase a deliverables document is created and tracked throughout the project. As expected with SEO, the project may change and shift though its life cycle, based on new information, but the core principles of organizing, structuring and properly linking the silo sections will remain.

This is where we will collect data and user behavior statistics from your site. Our analytics reports are created in order to help you leverage the natural behavioral trends of your searchers in order to reflect this through the site. This also allows us to track the overall success of our SEO campaign as it will provide indicators such as overall traffic, referring sites, new visitors, and many more useful metrics.

1. set up

Market/Site Analysis

This report collects all data necessary to formulate a custom SEO strategy. The report include: site analysis and recommendations, current ranking report, competitor analysis, PPC data, market research brief, profit projection and all other files which will make up our client workflow.

SEO Blueprint

This document outlines the necessary structure of the site in order to support its ranking objectives and Content strategy for the SEO project. It is also referred to as a wire-frame of silo link architecture. This also includes the possible creation of social profiles and brand properties that will be used to boost up your authority online from a lead generation as well as technical perspective.

Workflow Doc

Outline all silos to be built within scope of project. This report shows how much daily Traffic this project aims to target as well as a Visual illustration of the article structure for the Project.

2. maintenance


This document outlines the SEO project from month-to-month and track the strategy for ongoing refinement and fine-tuning as Data is collected and interpreted for Implementation. It outlines the goals for each Month, client involvement points and Implementation timetables for length of project. This document often includes the set of articles and keywords we will be targeting from month to month. This is very important as it deals with the full implementation of the SEO blueprint and is directly associated with your overall traffic and visibility to the search engines.

3. analytics


These reports will be gathered and created from all possible tracking resources. Google Analytics, Server analytics, third party hosting software, Smart stats software and any other available relevant sources will be used. Analytics reports are created in a discovery and recommendation model.

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