Mobile Marketing Solutions

As more and more people use mobile devices for a variety of everyday activities, mobile is evolving into a constant digital hub. The smartphone phenomenon has made the business world take notice. Retailers expect to generate sales of $1.5–2 billion this year alone via mobile phones.

In 2016, more people will be accessing the web from mobile phones than from PCs, according to Gartner, Inc., a leading technology analyst firm. The company predicts that there will be 1.78 billion PCs in use this, outstripped by the 1.82 billion install base of smartphones and browser-equipped feature phones.

Favorable trends in technology adoption, consumer behavior and content availability have created a perfect storm of opportunity for businesses. These developments have been unfolding for the past few years but have accelerated thanks to the success of tablets, the ongoing strength of smartphones and the increased social sharing of video content.

For people who own both a smartphone and tablet, the primary device is still the smartphone (88%). While smartphones dominate the overall mobile device market, tablet devices are poised to gain market share because of consumer preference to interact with websites from tablets because they provide a much larger screen for consumers to engage with content on the mobile web. According to a recent Adobe Digital Index analysis of website visit activity, it is anticipated that tablet visits will surpass smartphone visits sometime in 2013 and generate more than 10% of overall website visits in 2014. Designing for the tablet experience is quickly becoming a necessity for companies that want to maximize conversions via this device. (Source: Adobe Systems Incorporated)

If you don’t think mobile marketing is something you should be concerned with now, you may want to reconsider—but be quick about it.