Link building

Much like you need connections in the real world, so too does your website need links on the web. Without links, your Pulitzer-worthy prose, breathtaking photography, and must-read white papers are nothin’ to nobody. Link building is the process of building links to your website so your site can achieve its full potential.
link building servicesFact is, inbound links to your site are the most important factor determining the position of your site’s pages on search engine results pages (SERPs). It used to be quite easy to achieve search engine success with low quality links. But Google now actively looks for low quality links and content and might penalize the sites it finds. Consequently, SEO based on anything but quality content and link building is a dated SEO tactic from yesteryear.

How do search engines see links?

Although Google’s algorithm is top-secret and proprietary, what we do know is that a link from a quality site is seen as a ‘vote of confidence’ for your website. One quality link from a local publication or industry authority site trumps 10 trash links from a trash link directory or crowded link-exchange page. Google and other search engines look at the age of a link and the pattern of acquired links over time. So the value of your inbound links is cumulative. Links that you acquired years ago continue to influence your rankings and still bring you direct visits.

Here’s the zen of link building …

if you focus on it too much, you likely won’t get anywhere because you will be chasing the wrong kind of links. It’s best to focus your efforts doing a good job of creating compelling content, creating an attractive, user-friendly website (one that’s responsive), and be active on social media. A good website with good content will attract more and better links.

Link building methods

  • Writing articles.
  • Writing thought-leading blog posts.
  • Repurposing existing content.
  • Commenting on breaking news.
  • Writing a series of articles.
  • Guest posting on other blogs.
  • Submitting articles externally.
  • Producing user-generated content.
  • Producing infographics.
  • Using video.
Our linkbuilding service focuses on fantastic content, identifying a virtually endless stream of link prospects, promoting your website, and winning quality links.

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