Infographic design

So how do you maximize the hard work and time you spend crafting your content by reaching as wide an audience as possible? infographic design services In the life of the average “multi-device consumer” for which a typical day involves skimming on the iPhone, browsing on the PC, or surfing on the iPad, there’s a lot of data to sift through. An estimated 1.5 billion pieces of digital content are published daily. In the shadow of such awesome stats, your company’s blog post or Tweet is the proverbial rain drop in a torrential downpour of data.

Enter Infographic Design

Infographics have gained massive appeal on both sides of the fence – with websites and audience – because they work on many levels and help to visually bridge the gap between understanding and statistics. It’s called “visualized data,” and the practice has become very trendy (and that’s not to say it’s a bad thing). Like a Top-40s song, sometimes things have mass appeal for a reason—they are catchy and infectious. A good infograph can have that sort of mass appeal, and if you distribute it well on the social channels, spread like a Gangnam-style virus.

Why Infographics Are So Effective

  • Visual. Our brains are visual – 90% of the information we absorb is visual, so to the human brain, seeing, absorbing, and easily understanding an infographic is a more natural process than reading huge blocks of texts and bar graphs.
  • Authority. Infographics convey an expert understanding of a topic or subject area. It’s an effective tool for brand building.
  • Extends Your Reach. Infographics have a much better chance of going viral on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or StumbleUpon or on other blogs. They can be extremely effective as the centerpiece of an inbound marketing campaign. If a company came to me with a small budget, I’d choose the more organic route leveraging an infographic in most cases.
  • Linkbait. With all the links back to your site for your super great infographic, your site’s SEO profile (a.k.a. “page rank”) benefits from the links. Google sees your site as having more authority, and presumably, some of the links are coming from websites in your industry vertical. (If you are a law firm, a link from another law firm or a law school website is MUCH more valuable than one from a directory site.)
  • Fun. This is my favorite part—it’s a chance for a business to be creative and inject a little personality into what they do. An industry that people tend to associate with “boring” can suddenly become fun and engaging with an infographic.

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