Facebook advertising & retargeting

Most social media for small business combines organic content with a careful advertising budget. Most online marketing departments pay a small daily fee for pay per click ads, and also boost specific posts from time to time. The truth is, however, that Facebook has made huge strides recently in the sophistication of its advertising platform, and small businesses now have tremendous opportunity to target their budget in powerful ways. These strides come in the form of two key changes to targeting and access to data, and they just might change the way social media advertising is conducted from here on out.

1. Retargeting – The first big rollout is called Facebook Retargeting. Retargeted ads are ads that appear in the newsfeeds of those who have already completed a specific action on your website. For example, small businesses can now target an ad so that in only shows up in the newsfeed of those who have visited the business’s website. This is huge news, as it allows business’s to maintain a constant online presence with those who are already interested in them. Google has been doing this for a long time, and with great success, and Facebook is finally making up the lost ground. You currently have to set these ads up through a third party agency via FBX (Facebook Exchange) but that will likely change soon. The agencies AdRollPerfect Audience Retargeting, and Triggit, currently provide free trials. They will guide you through the process of placing a bit of code on your website that compiles everyone who visits it into a list. They will then help you create ads that will be shown exclusively to the facebook accounts associated with that list.

2. Custom Audiences – Like Retargeting, Custom Audiences provide another way to market to a more precise list of facebook users. You don’t want to waste your advertising dollars on those for whom your product or service is irrelevant, and Custom Audiences allows you to really hone in on a list that YOU create. A custom audience is just that, a list of people that you want to advertise to. You can now create this list using data that is only indirectly related to Facebook (email address, phone number, etc), and then create ads that are shown EXCLUSIVELY to this list. Many small businesses are compiling email lists of leads, creating a custom audience with them, and advertising to them with content tailored to their location, product interest, or other demographic category. Custom Audiences can be compiled directly through Facebook, so no need to hire the aforementioned third parties.

The world of social media advertising is changing rapidly as each platform aims to capture advertising dollars with highly targeted ads. Contact us to learn more about making your small business social media work for you.