Load and send? Batch and blast? “Be careful with that ax, Eugene.” Those email marketing concepts have gone the way of the buggy whip. E-marketing can be one of the strongest tools in your arsenal, but it can also be one of the riskiest. Our experience of crafting messages in this medium can help you keep your clients opening and not unsubscribing.

Email marketing & inbound marketing: Like PB&J

Email marketing can be one of the most powerful tools in your super hero’s inbound marketing tool belt, but it can also be the most annoying. A business must follow the Golden Rule of marketing unto others as you would have them market unto you. We are all consumers and masters of our own Inbox domains, so we know how it feels to be aggressively marketed to in a way that is obtrusive and ham-fisted. And since I’ve already invoked religion once already, I will do it again: God help you if being carelessly aggressive with your email marketing results in being black-listed by an internet service provider or “ISP” as a spammer. That is a hole you cannot crawl out of anytime soon. As an email marketer today, you must navigate their way through a complicated landscape of shifting customer expectations, challenging new technologies, evolving government regulations and other issues old-school direct marketers never had to face.  

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