Custom WordPress Development

Deciding to use WordPress for your business website is a great decision. WordPress may have started as a platform for bloggers, but it has become an increasingly popular and cost-effective solution for small-business websites.

WordPress sites now account for over half of the one million most-visited websites running on a content management system (CMS). However, it can be difficult for a business to stand out from its competition when many others may be using the same templates or themes. Having a unique look and functioning properly on any device are critical. A custom wordpress design is the answer.

How important is your website’s theme?

Choosing the right wordpress website design is crucial to your business. A lot more is involved than simply looking at the aesthetics of one theme vs. another.

Load Speed

Page load time has never been more important. Mobile users, in particular, decide in a scant few seconds whether to stay or abandon a website. If your website isn’t fast enough, they will hit the back button and visit your competitor’s website. The source code of the WordPress theme is significant to load speed. For example, a WordPress theme with many links to external scripts may take too long to load to be viable for a business.


Standing out from the crowd with a distinct brand is essential. Whether you’re just opening the doors or have been established for many years, your website’s design needs to express what is unique about your business.

Responsive Design

Your website needs to function reliably on multiple devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and, now, even watches. The website must also function on not only today’s browsers, but on the next generation of browsers as they continue to be updated. A quick design check is to see how well the website operates on Internet Explorer, as this browser has traditionally been the least compatible with newer design features.

W3C Standards and Validation

W3C refers to the guidelines and rules promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium for promoting consistency in website design codes. If a website has not been properly coded, it will create problems later. Simply looking good does not mean the coding has been done as it should have been. Any business should insist that their website complies with W3C international standards and best practices. W3C validation means web pages are technically compliant with these standards. Coding to W3C standards offers many benefits, including:
Whatever your needs and the current state of your website, we can ensure that you have a fully-functional WordPress website that looks great and helps to build your brand. All of our coding is done according to international W3C standards. You should never settle for less. Constantly trying to debug and fix a poorly-coded website theme will be far too expensive in the long run.
It can be very difficult to determine if a WordPress Theme is W3C validated, of high quality, and compatible with all browsers. We can convert your design into a WordPress Theme/Template that meets these requirements. All that you need to do is to send us your website files in any of the popular formats, such as PSD, AI, or JPEG. We will do the rest! You will have the WordPress website that you need to take your business to the next level.
Do you have a specific, totally unique theme in mind? As WordPress experts, we know how to design a customized theme that will be everything you’re looking for. Of course, it will be coded according to international W3C standards.
Do you have an existing WordPress theme that just doesn’t meet all of your needs? We can professionally customize your current WordPress theme in accordance with your requirements. Your website will be fully equipped with the right tools so that it is user-friendly for your target audience. We are able to customize any WordPress website and load it with the plugins that will deliver the performance that you need. Whatever choice you make, we provide fast turnaround times and professional, clean, quality work done in accordance with the latest W3C coding standards. There’s no need to simply use what a free or premium theme offers. Get the theme that your unique business requires.

Get a 7-Point Local SEO Audit

Your BrightLocal audit report will include sections for Links & Website Authority, Search Rankings, Local Business Listings, Reviews & Ratings, Google My Business, On-Site SEO, & Social Channels

Get a 7-Point Local SEO Audit

Your BrightLocal audit report will include sections for Links & Website Authority, Search Rankings, Local Business Listings, Reviews & Ratings, Google My Business, On-Site SEO, & Social Channels
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