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Content is the lifeblood of your website – it’s how visitors determine value and what the search-engine algorithms use to rank your pages to relevant searches.custom content writing services for small business websitesWell-written, original content is crucial to your online presence, and the quality of your content is directly proportional to how well you are likely to rank in search engines and ultimately, whether you gain a new visitor (or customer). This is the whole premise of inbound marketing.

Flagstone’s content is designed to achieve organic rankings by appealing to the reader as well as to the search engine. Websites with keyword-rich, naturally flowing, original content are judged better by both visitors and search engines than ones that simply stuff keywords into poorly written text.
Site traffic is worthless without user click-through and conversions, and if your website’s content is not attracting the search engines, it’s essentially losing money for you. From keyword targeting, topic selection, down to persuasive copy writing. We have capturing your target audience’s interest AND your ROI in mind.

Flagstone has very competitive word-count rates, and can be hired on the following basis:

Flagstone has the proven methods and internet marketing experience in web (and print) media for writing authentic, persuasive, and SEO-dominating content that not only gets visitors to take action, but also significantly increases your website’s odds of attaining desirable rankings. Beyond that, we’re writers at heart. We love the turn of a good phrase and abhor cliches, plagiarism, bad grammar, and unoriginality. If you outsource your writing to an overseas chopshop to save a few bucks, you are tarnishing the sanctity of your brand. Don’t have the time to blog? Talk to us. Think of us like an embedded contractor within your organization, one who cares enough to take the time to write it the way you would write (if you had the time).

How a Successful Web Content Strategy Can Benefit Your Business

Custom Web Content Services: We Feed Your Blog

With years of experience in print and journalism as a writer and editor, I know how to write with different audiences in mind. I have been focused solely on custom web content since 2000. Most importantly, I know how to write well. Don’t outsource your content to an SEO service that’s writing a bunch of drivel that’s about as exciting to read as a Wikipedia page. I have hired and fired SEO services for this very reason — dull and lifeless content. Your content has to serve more than just the purposes of SEO —it needs to be engaging enough to readable, shareable, retweetable, likeable, pinnable, or embeddable.

A blog with an audience is about more than just writing and posting articles. There are other external factors to consider such as:

I’m not advocating comment spam. Blog commenting does have a place, but you must target the right blogs, as well as have something valuable to contribute.

Offering free content to other websites with higher authority than your own can be a valuable way to get a credible link back to your site. Of course, you must develop informative content worthy of posting.

All these great new blog posts need to be promoted across all your social media channels in the right way, and posted with the appropriate hashtags and keywords.

Seed your blog posts with the proper keywords.

Develop content around topics that are researched and likely to satisfy the needs of your intended audience (and even find you a new one).