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what we do

We don’t create large – one-size-fits-all – packages that stick clients with services and pricing they don’t need. We work individually with each client and present them with a customized package based to their (or more accurately, their website’s) specific situation, and their goals and needs.

We focus on real results – traffic – and not just ranking reports (which are meaningless these days – numbers don’t mean much without the traffic.)

Flagstone also excels at helping interpret the seemingly endless data that comes with any online marketing campaigns into something simple and actionable for your business. We create interactive, eye-catching websites. We help you build strong online presence for your business by creating a professional website that best suits your needs and target audience.

plant your flag on page 1

It’s our mission statement. Here’s why: According to a study, click-through research data reveals the importance of ranking in the top positions on a search results page. Then invest in rising to one of the top three positions. Also, ranking beyond Page 2, while good for tracking trends, has far less search volume, the study noted.

Because predicting which position your site will appear in Google is basically impossible, your SEO efforts should focus on getting to Page 1.

Long story short: You’ve got to be on Page 1 for your most important keywords, and ideally, somewhere above the upper fold because 90% of searchers don’t even get to Page 2.

what we offer

organic seo

local search marketing

Remember when the best way to find a local business was to look in the Yellow Pages or circular mailers? No longer.

organic seo

Search engine optimization is quite simply the best long-term investment you can make. Flagstone works with clients of all sizes and budgets.

schema/structured data implementation

Schema implementation is one way we can help you get to the top.

custom web content

Quality website content is crucial not only to search engine rankings, but also to developing the connection with your audience.

seo consulting

SEO requires a lot of work, time, investment, and commitment. I’ll help you chart a course.

reputation management

Review and monitor your social media mentions. If you have a bad review, in many cases, we can get them removed.

website optimization

Recent Google algorithm updates place major importance on website optimization. Chances are, your on-page optimization just needs an overhaul.

infographic design

So how do you maximize the hard work and time you spend crafting your content by reaching as wide an audience as possible? Infographics creation to the rescue.

citation correction

Correct citations are make or break.

link building

This is the one SEO service you must not cut corners on. With link building, there are right ways, wrong ways … and then there is our way.

google maps optimization

Spots in the local maps results (now cut down to the “3 Pack”) are highly-prized Page 1 real estate and should be treated as such. There is a massive amount of traffic being had by the businesses that are skilled enough to be in the top 3 positions for Google Local.

press release writing & distribution

Our press release distribution service provides a powerful way to get your message out.

online business directories

Our citation-building service is all about getting your business listed on the most important business directories.

pay-per-click (ppc)

sem/ppc management

Pay-per-click services to jump-start your traffic and inform your SEO campaign. We are certified Google partners.

facebook ads management

Knowing how to use Facebook advertising effectively can significantly increase the number of views, shares, page likes, and new customers.

mobile marketing

If you don’t think mobile marketing is something you should be concerned with now, you may want to reconsider - but be quick about it.

geo-fencing marketing

Geo-targeting or geo fence marketing is the process of using global positioning (GPS) and/or radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies to define geographic areas.

website design

custom wordpress

We specialize in building unique, custom WordPress websites on frameworks that make it a bargain for our clients.

custom web design

Flagtone’s open-source website design solutions are built with constant attention to budget and SEO.

video marketing

High-quality and affordable videos for your business.

web analytics consulting

Flagstone uses best-in-class tools for website analytics & SEO. Our reports will provide actionable insights.

inbound marketing

social media management

Managing social media is too much work — especially if you lack in-house resources. Let Flagstone take it off your plate.

custom web design

We create compelling content that attracts engaged customers. Our inbound marketing software will show you jaw-dropping visitor analytics.

email marketing

Our experience of crafting messages in the email marketing medium can help you keep your clients opening and not unsubscribing.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for positioning your website to get a steady flow of visitors who are searching Google for your topic. But Google’s frequent and mysterious changes to its search engine algorithms keep the tactics and strategies of SEO in a state of flux. Adding to the challenge of staying up-to-date is all the misinformation about SEO that flies around the internet. “Knowing” the wrong things about SEO can lead to an even greater waste of time and money than not knowing the right things. “28 Popular SEO Misnomers” is here to spare you the pain of acting based on misinformation. You’ll be an informed consumer of SEO and won’t let anyone, either misinformed or ill-intentioned, to lead you in the wrong direction.