Website Design and UX Considerations

There is an awful lot that needs to be considered when putting together the perfect website. You need a website that looks impressive and brands your website well. You also need to make sure that your site is easy to use and navigate. After all, no one wants to spend 10 minutes looking for the […]

8 On-Page Issues You Can Fix Right Now

on-page seo issues

On-page SEO is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Although backlinks, page authority, and website age all play essential roles in your SEO rankings, it all starts with on-page SEO. Various on-page SEO mistakes can cause your blogs and articles to lose their rankings.  Fortunately, there are a number of things you can […]

Why Long-Tail Keywords Make for an Incredibly Effective SEO Strategy

photo of a monkey with a very long tail to illustrate the concept of using long-tail keywords as an organic seo strategy

In the world of SEO, we’re all admittedly looking for “the next big thing” to score a high ranking on Google’s algorithm. It can be all too easy to be mesmerized by the staggering amount of results that a single Google search result can yield. Millions of results for a simple, generalized topic – what […]

Should You Invest in Search Engine Optimization or PPC Advertising?

should you invest in seo or ppc first for your business

With Google processing over 4 billion Internet searches every day, the battle for consumers’ attention has never been more difficult. And, unfortunately, search engines are where your website needs to be if it wants to get in front of prospective customers or clients. Specifically, your website needs to sit atop the first page of search […]

Image Optimization 101: How to Properly Use Images in WordPress

wordpress image optimization tips and plugins

There was a study done awhile back that basically says that text-only content doesn’t fare too well in the memories of its readers; only 10% of it can be recalled three days later. When a picture is added to that content, however, readers are able to remember 65% of it in that same timeframe. That’s […]

The Rewards and Perils of Using an Exact Match Domain

the pros and cons of exact match domains emd

Press 2007 into the keypad on your time machine and hit the start button. When the stomach-churning journey ends (always bring a barf bag when you time travel), you’ll open the door and be faced with a world where selfies were taken by aiming your camera at a mirror, and GIFs were full of sparkly […]

How to make the most of Google Posts

google my business and google posts

Want to be able to post messages to potential customers for them to see as soon as they search for your business in Google? Your opportunity has arrived. Google Posts is here. What are Google Posts? Google Posts are short posts that you create in your Google My Business dashboard. They can include up to […]

What Makes a Website Rank in 2017? SEMRush Tells All

olympic gold medal seo ranking factors for 2017 according to semrush

Ranking first in the search engine results is like winning an Olympic gold medal. If you want to win an Olympic gold medal, it’s not enough to put in lots of effort at your chosen sport. It’s not enough to plug away at practice for hours, eat right and get plenty of sleep. What’s going […]

I Put the Yoast SEO Plugin on My Site… Now What?

a screengrab of the yoast seo plugin on

My web designer, my friend who does SEO, and a whole host of posts I saw on the web told me that I should for sure have the Yoast SEO plugin on my WordPress site. So I put it on. And then I went into the settings and… WHOA! OVERLOAD! How many settings could you […]

The 2017 ultimate guide to choosing a winning domain name

guide choosing domain name

A rose by any other name… would be much less likely to come up in Google for the search “rose.” * Names matter. Your domain name is the nucleus, the big bang of your website. It determines where everything will go from there. If you want your seed to bear fruit (or roses), make sure […]