How Can Google My Business Help Your Local Business?

How can Google My Business help your local business?

Personalization. It’s the hallmark of Google search. If they could hire a team of telepaths to read your mind at the instant you typed something into that search bar so they could provide exactly what you’re looking for, they would. But Google Mindreader isn’t even in Beta yet, and it’ll be years until the rollout. So in the meantime, they try to determine the intent behind searches with all kinds of linguistic algorithms and Knowledge Graphs, and deliver to you the best answers possible for your search. One of the areas that has seen the most personalization development in the past few years is local search. According to Google, 1 in 5 searches have local intent. When someone searches for “pizza in mountain brook al” they get:
Even if they just search for pizza, Google guesses that they might want to find pizza in their location, and asks:
Sometimes Google will give you local results (for pizza) based on your IP address location, even if you don’t specify a location.That’s even more true for mobile search. On mobile, intent is assumed to be more obviously local, with the stats backing it up. 40% of mobile queries are location-related, says Google. Bing claims it’s about 53%. Google’s aim is to show local customers the local businesses they’re likely looking for. To that end, Google just introduced Google My Business: a comprehensive platform where small businesses can manage their Google presence. Go to Google My Business’s opening page and you’ll find the benefits listed:

Number one benefit is easy, consistent management of all your business information across Google. Before, if you were trying to be found on Google, you needed a Google Places page, and a Google+ page with updates, and managing your information on maps. And all that information needed to be consistent across all the services so Google wouldn’t get confused. Now you enter it into one place in the Google My Business dashboard, and voila! Search, Maps and Google+ are all populated with the same information. How do you start? If you’ve had Google Places pages or Google Plus pages for businesses, don’t worry! They’ve all been automatically upgraded to Google My Business, and as soon as you sign in on the opening page, you can access your businesses. Let’s say you haven’t, and you want to take advantage of it now? As soon as you sign in to your Google account (or open a new one), you’ll be given that option:

Go for it!
If you choose a local-based business, you’ll be given a map and asked to put in the address.
If you choose a local-based business, you’ll be given a map and asked to put in the address.
If you choose a local-based business, you’ll be given a map and asked to put in the address.

If you’ve already put in effort to optimize your local business, Google My Business should just make it easier to manage and organize everything in one place. If you haven’t yet – go show Google your stuff… so they can show it to your potential customers.