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The ultimate guide to getting testimonials [with infographic]

How to get customers to toot your horn

28 Popular SEO Misnomers

How to get customers to toot your horn


How can Google My Business help your local business?

A guide to setting up Google My Business for the first time.

21 ways to increase sign-ups on your website

Your website is around for a reason. To sell your products. To generate leads for your services. But it’s just not working as well as you think it should.

Get 3 crazy comprehensive SEO audits

This is not your normal offer for a free audit; this includes audits from several of the leading SEO tools.

A history of Google’s algorithm updates

The following is a list of Google’s major updates to its algorithm throughout the years, and the practical takeaways for your SEO (if any).
fast functional foolproof seo fixes for your website
There are quick and easy SEO fixes for your website that will bring it up to Google’s current standards in no time.

Pinocchio’s guide to social media for business

If all your business does on social media is talk about itself, people will run away.