Dated website with no structured PPC spend and no trackable results


  • New website
  • Website optimization overhaul
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Local SEO overhaul
  • High-authority link building


  • +603% Sessions
  • +412% Unique Sessions
  • +2,673% Page Views
  • +295% Pages per User
  • -60% Bounce Rate improvement
  • +269% Google Organic traffic
  • +204% Direct Traffic
  • 366 New customer chats

The Results

Having a new, well-designed WordPress website was the first crucial step to success in this project. Once that was in place, we overhauled the Adwords account and began tracking conversions. Finally, implementing a chat functionality made a huge difference in terms of mortgage inquiries (and revenue). Metrics such as 60% bounce-rate improvement are indicative of creating a user-friendly, engaging website that allowed our client to in turn help their clients.
+ 0 %
New users
+ 0 %
Organic search traffic
- 0 %
Bounce rate improvement
New customer chats

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