Case Studies

Cove Dental Center, P.C.


The dental practice was running its own Adwords campaign (never a good idea) and running on a somewhat dated Joomla website that was not mobile-ready.


  • Google Adwords account overhaul
  • Website optimization overhaul
  • New keyword research
  • WordPress theme updates
  • Website responsiveness
  • Local SEO overhaul
  • Citation corrections
  • Citation building
  • High authority link building


  • +26% Sessions
  • +24% Unique Visitors
  • +37% Page Views
  • 20% Bounce Rate improvement
  • +77% Organic Search

Adwords results

  • 453 calls generated from ads and organic search
  • +415% clicks
  • +177% Click-through Rate improvement
  • +750% Converted Clicks
  • +26% Cost per Conversions improvement
  • Brought account to overall 22% conversion rate!

The Results

Having more trackable results has been huge in terms of getting the client’s Adwords/SEM strategy and getting the account to a 22% conversion rate. Ongoing SEO and content marketing efforts have also helped to improve the website’s organic search positioning, thus also helping to offset PPC costs.
+ 0 %
New users
- 0 %
Bounce rate improvement
+ 0 %
Organic SEO traffic
Adwords conversion rate

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