Carlton Smith Featured In Huffington Post Article

A search engine marketing company based in Birmingham, Alabama, has announced that their founder, Carlton R. Smith, was recently featured in a Huffington Post article. The article is about telemarketers offering Google marketing services to businesses. Smith explains in the article that Google would never call anyone to sell anything.

“The telemarketing reality, however, is that the industry is robust and profitable, even though the products and services sold by telemarketers may not deliver the value that targeted purchasers are led to expect,” says Smith, founder of Flagstone Search Marketing.

He states that this is certainly true with regards to Google marketing services being offered to businesses by businesses that have no ties with Google. He goes on to say that the revenue for the search engine giant exceeded $67 billion for 2015, and that none of that revenue was generated through telemarketing, but that telemarketers claiming they were associated with Google conned businesses into purchasing services that they can likely get for free, and used their “relationship” with Google to do so.

With regards to the Google calling scams, Smith says, “Less scrupulous callers use a variety of sales pitches to give unsuspecting business owners an impression that Google riches can be theirs; all they have to do is buy one of the services the caller is selling. It’s just that easy.”

Smith states that while Google may at some point contact a small business to verify certain information, the company will never offer to sell services to those businesses nor will they attempt to collect payment for page listing inclusion. He goes on to state that Google will never charge a business for higher page ranking, and that this is something that must be done through strong SEO practices.

Smith says the only true way to ensure high placement on search engines is to have SEO in place that will guarantee those higher listings, and that buying one’s way to the top of the list is simply not a possibility.

Carlton Smith is a web consultant and SEO expert who has provided services to businesses all over the country. He has assisted in the launch of a nutritional supplement, conducted an SEO and PPC campaign for a law firm, helped a candidate become a member of the State House of Representatives, and many more.


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