Flagstone Search Marketing Founder Contributes Article To Forbes

Flagstone Search Marketing, LLC, a business in Birmingham, AL, is proud to announce that owner and founder Carlton R. Smith, has recently contributed an article to Forbes.com, which is titled ‘How to Pay to Play if You Want to Win Local Search Results’. Smith is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, which is an invitation-only organization for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative, and advertising agencies. Being asked to contribute to the Forbes.com is considered to be a testament to the skill and knowledge of Smith.

Carlton R. Smith himself says: “I feel honored to have been asked to write for Forbes. It has given me the opportunity to express my thoughts about what is happening in the world of SEO, why so many people have left it behind, and what can be done to continue to be successful in this field. I believe successful local SEO is about utilizing pay per click to your advantage, which can be achieved with just four steps. I have outlined those steps in my Forbes article.”

The fact that Smith has been asked to write for Forbes demonstrates just how experienced he is, and how much his opinion is respected. In fact, he has been writing for websites since 2001. And as shown on his LinkedIn profile, he has worked for a variety of companies and agencies that frequently require SEO. He joined the Forbes Agency Council in December 2016 and had his first article published, just five months later.

He has also received many comments on his LinkedIn page. “Carlton was very detailed-oriented and extremely thorough with every task,” says Bonnie M. “He had follow-through on all of our tasks and needed work and he executed everything with great professionalism. He was extremely responsive to all of our needs and I truly appreciated working with him.”

Smith has asked people to follow his Twitter handle, @carltonrsmith, so they can contact him about his views and work with ease. He enjoys engaging with others to discuss ideas and looks forward to hearing people’s comments regarding his Forbes article. Alternatively, people can add his LinkedIn profile.


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