Should You Invest in Search Engine Optimization or PPC Advertising?

should you invest in seo or ppc first for your business

With Google processing over 4 billion Internet searches every day, the battle for consumers’ attention has never been more difficult. And, unfortunately, search engines are where your website needs to be if it wants to get in front of prospective customers or clients. Specifically, your website needs to sit atop the first page of search […]

How can you run a retargeting campaign without being creepy?

google adwords remarketing retargeting display

The concept of remarketing could also be called re-targeting considering how it takes an online ad and tries to re-entice customers. While that might sound overly obtrusive, it can be very beneficial if done judiciously and through Google’s valuable display network. That’s because remarketing works on a psychological level that subtly reminds people that they […]

PPC & SEO: Together at last

ppc and seo

Not so long ago, paid and organic (PPC and SEO) marketing people were at very adversarial ends of the industry. In the regional parlance of my native state, PPC and SEO had an Alabama-Auburn like rivalry. Both were dubious and dismissive of the other side, and hence, both blind to the good and unique qualities the […]

The top 3 PPC ad extensions

google adwords extensions

Pay-Per-Click ads are great ways to reach out to a wide world of internet searchers. While it’s fairly easy to set up Google Adwords campaigns, perfecting them is a constant process. Your ad campaigns are as precise as you make them, and as widespread as you’re willing to pay for. A lot of online marketers don’t […]