Why Long-Tail Keywords Make for an Incredibly Effective SEO Strategy

photo of a monkey with a very long tail to illustrate the concept of using long-tail keywords as an organic seo strategy

In the world of SEO, we’re all admittedly looking for “the next big thing” to score a high ranking on Google’s algorithm. It can be all too easy to be mesmerized by the staggering amount of results that a single Google search result can yield. Millions of results for a simple, generalized topic – what […]

Should You Invest in Search Engine Optimization or PPC Advertising?

should you invest in seo or ppc first for your business

With Google processing over 4 billion Internet searches every day, the battle for consumers’ attention has never been more difficult. And, unfortunately, search engines are where your website needs to be if it wants to get in front of prospective customers or clients. Specifically, your website needs to sit atop the first page of search […]

How to Setup Enhanced Link Attribution on my Site: What Google Doesn’t Tell You

inspect element process for setting up enhanced link attribution on your site

One of the best parts of Google’s In-Page Analytics plugin? The click data, showing you what percentage of page visitors clicked on each link. Crazy actionable for seeing what’s working and what’s not in your page structure. One of the worst parts of Google’s In-Page Analytics plugin? The click data groups all links on a […]

How to make the most of Google Posts

google my business and google posts

Want to be able to post messages to potential customers for them to see as soon as they search for your business in Google? Your opportunity has arrived. Google Posts is here. What are Google Posts? Google Posts are short posts that you create in your Google My Business dashboard. They can include up to […]

Google search and machine learning: The VERY non-techie’s guide

google machine learning and artificial intelligence

“Artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” used to conjure up images of sci-fi robots: Star Trek’s Data, Star Wars’ C-3PO, or the Sentinels from the Matrix. Now machine learning is a part of our lives every time we conduct a Google Search. It doesn’t look scary; it doesn’t look cute; in fact, we don’t even notice […]

Penguin 4.0… and What it Means for Your SEO [Infographic]

photo of a penguin up close

The Google Penguin Update has graduated. It’s no longer an “update.” Now it’s an official “ranking factor in the core algorithm.” Penguin tobogganed onto the the scene in April 2012, taking many webmasters and SEOs by surprise. via GIPHY The Penguin Update was designed to attack sites with spammy links. You might get slapped if […]

The PopUpdate: Google’s newest ranking factor wants popups to die

google popup update

It’s not just popups. It’s popups, interstitials… in Google’s words, anything “intrusive” that prevents you from getting to the content immediately. Basically, Google says exasperation is a bad user experience. So if you as a user would experience a little sigh of exasperation upon seeing the webpage in question, that’s bad. This is likely good […]

Penguin 3.0: did Google’s website-eating penguins get you?

google penguin 3.0 algorithm update

During October and November 2014, the web was buzzing with talk about Google’s Penguin 3.0 update: was it big? Was it small? Who did it help? Who did it hurt? What is Penguin? The Penguin algorithm, originally launched in April 2012, was designed to demote sites that were “over-optimized” (read: look like unnatural, spammy sites). […]

Google encrypts all its searches — why, and what does it mean?

google encrypts its searches

Google has been shaking up the world of search in unprecedented ways recently. Hummingbird, Google’s new “conversational search” algorithm, has been well publicized, and the reasons behind it are clear and sensible. A less publicized but equally impactful change has only been news in search engine circles, and the motivation behind it is not as […]