Create emotion in your email marketing with videos

creating emotion in email marketing with video

People’s decision making, as we all know and acknowledge, is impacted by their emotions and this has significant potential in online marketing that is still underutilized. It is a shame too since positive emotions plays a powerful role in being able to engage customers and email marketing can be so more successful just by implementing this. […]

Use social media writing style to add interest to email marketing

using social media style in emarketing

A successful email marketing campaign offers the reader a fresh perspective and valuable information. It also offers a means by which to nurture relationships with customers while establishing authority. But growing relationships through email marketing can be tricky. You need to sound personable, yet hold your expert tone. You need to provide shareable content, yet lead […]

Email marketing: How to keep your spam count low

email marketing how to keep spam count low

Email Marketing with a third party email provider is wonderful for several reasons. It provides small businesses with an easy way to reach large mailing lists (avoiding daily sending limits). It provides high-quality templates for small businesses to customize to their liking. It even manages mailing lists, de-dupes, and provides reports you can analyze for […]

Email marketing trends you should know about

email marketing trends pinterest

On Monday, Sept. 23, a major marketing firm released a survey of marketing professionals across eight different industries. Across all industries, the marketers surveyed agreed: Email marketing is one of the primary ways firms can draw traffic to their websites and increase sales revenue. But beyond that, it also highlighted some interested trends developing in […]