If You’re Not Creating Video, Here’s How (and Why) to Start

why and how you should create video for your local business website

It’s midnight and you’re internet surfing. How likely is it that you’ll be watching a video – or two? You’re thinking about buying a blender off eBay. Two listings are very similar – except one has a video of the blender being used, and one only has photos. How likely is it that you’ll buy […]

Can You Really Win More Conversions with Exit Intent Technology?

example of an exit popup from optin monster

Google Analytics can seem like your best friend some days and then your worst enemy on others. To be fair, though, it’s not really Google’s fault when bounce rates are high, conversions are low, or spammers skew your site’s statistics. It’s like that old adage says: “Don’t shoot the messenger”. Regardless of what news Google […]