How to make the most of Google Posts

google my business and google posts

Want to be able to post messages to potential customers for them to see as soon as they search for your business in Google? Your opportunity has arrived. Google Posts is here. What are Google Posts? Google Posts are short posts that you create in your Google My Business dashboard. They can include up to […]

What Makes a Website Rank in 2017? SEMRush Tells All

olympic gold medal seo ranking factors for 2017 according to semrush

Ranking first in the search engine results is like winning an Olympic gold medal. If you want to win an Olympic gold medal, it’s not enough to put in lots of effort at your chosen sport. It’s not enough to plug away at practice for hours, eat right and get plenty of sleep. What’s going […]

If You’re Not Creating Video, Here’s How (and Why) to Start

why and how you should create video for your local business website

It’s midnight and you’re internet surfing. How likely is it that you’ll be watching a video – or two? You’re thinking about buying a blender off eBay. Two listings are very similar – except one has a video of the blender being used, and one only has photos. How likely is it that you’ll buy […]

How to Make Sales Directly From Google’s Search Results

photo of a table at a restaurant with food and a reserved sign in front of the plate

Google is getting better at answering our questions right in the search results. Google is predicting what we’re going to need  before we even ask. Reaching and selling to customers is going to get trickier and trickier. What’s a business to do? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em If someone can beat Google, it […]

How to Future-Proof Your Business SEO for a Future With No SERP

a picture of a gypsy looking chick holding a crystal ball that says 2017

Last updated on May 12, 2017 It’s 2019. Where is your business in the search results? Ranking in first position? Second? Third? Or are there no longer search results? The Google Crystal Ball Google has been trying to predict searchers’ and consumers’ needs since 2004, when they first introduced Google Autocomplete (the function that proposes […]

The top 47 free local search directories

free local search directories

Local SEO is not only budget-friendly for a small business, but it offers the opportunity to connect with the most relevant customers. It is possible to achieve great local search rankings without a large SEO outlay. Whether you hire an SEO company or do it yourself, you must invest the time. Local business listings, when […]

Google search and machine learning: The VERY non-techie’s guide

google machine learning and artificial intelligence

“Artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” used to conjure up images of sci-fi robots: Star Trek’s Data, Star Wars’ C-3PO, or the Sentinels from the Matrix. Now machine learning is a part of our lives every time we conduct a Google Search. It doesn’t look scary; it doesn’t look cute; in fact, we don’t even notice […]

How to Make Your Site Load Astoundingly Fast on Mobile Devices

faster pussycat kill kill movie poster

Faster. Faster! FASTER! If you’re a website owner or developer, you might feel like the entire world is pressuring you to speed your website up – especially for mobile users. Stats like “47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less” and “40% will abandon a web page if it […]

How to Be Pushy with Your Website: Your Guide to Push Notifications

photo of abc

Anyone else remember Alec Baldwin back in the day, before he became known for his Trump impersonation? No? Okay, let me jog your memory: While I could write an entire post about how sales and marketing tactics from the pre-Internet ‘90s differed so greatly from what we do today, let’s focus on Baldwin’s tagline: “Always. […]