Use social media writing style to add interest to email marketing

using social media style in emarketing

A successful email marketing campaign offers the reader a fresh perspective and valuable information. It also offers a means by which to nurture relationships with customers while establishing authority. But growing relationships through email marketing can be tricky. You need to sound personable, yet hold your expert tone. You need to provide shareable content, yet lead the reader to feel as if you are addressing them, personally.

One way to make the process easier is to adopt a social media writing style when creating an email marketing campaign. Try a few of these quick tips to shake up your email writing routine:

  • If your emails sound too formal, try to condense the idea into a tweet, then use that as an opening statement.
  • Break out of an email content slump by writing a script for a YouTube video, then convert the script into email form, changing it as little as possible.
  • Identify 3 or 4 hot topics in your social media platforms, and address those issues in an email.
  • Create a list of the social media topics that brought the most “likes” and “shares” and incorporate those topics into your email.
  • Think about creating an email segment according to social media usage. Addressing only your Facebook followers in an email may provide new creative inspiration, and a more conversational tone.
  • Write the email as a blog post. Sometimes thinking outside the “email box” offers just the right amount of perspective to spark a new kind of creativity.

Social media writing offers a different tone, and can provide a catalyst for a brighter, more effective email marketing campaign. For more tips and information on how you can use tactical content strategy and savvy social media campaign management to improve SEO, please contact us.

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