Infographic: Fast, functional and foolproof fixes for your website’s SEO

fast functional foolproof seo fixes for your website

It’s always Google’s desire, with each successive algorithm tweak, to provide better, more relevant information in response to a person’s search terms. Essentially, if a website wishes to play in cyberspace, it must play by Google’s rules. Fortunately, this doesn’t usually mean you must build a new website. There are quick and easy seo fixes for your website that will bring it up to Google’s current standards in no time.

Link Internally to Other Pages on Site with Non-Rich Anchor Text

Many sites ignore the need to link internal pages to one another. Internal links are desirable, and should be linked to neutral, non-rich anchor text. Words such as “Click here” or the domain or website name are good choices to use.

Sign Up to Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed provides website developers with immediate optimization feedback. It is a free, web-based utility that provides site analysis without the need for downloaded programs or extensions. Google Page Speed now provides mobile analysis that is, in its own right, an invaluable tool that helps designers create mobile-friendly sites. This ability is now essential, as Google recently altered its search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites.

Stabilize Your Site with Link Building to Pages that Haven’t Dropped in Ranking

New links to pages that are dropping in rank cause them to drop even more. Instead, link to other internal pages, avoiding the use of rich anchor text, to stabilize and increase your site’s overall rank. Whenever a site, as a whole, gains authority, the fall of one of its pages matters less and will likely improve.

Freshen Up Your Content

A continuous flow of new content keeps Google satisfied, your rankings high, and ensures a stream of potential new clients to discover your products and services. Fresh, relevant, content is one of the simplest strategies a webmaster can employ, and also one of the most effective.

Include an XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is the ideal way to invite Google to thoroughly index larger sites with deep links. Although website visitors are unaware of its existence, Google’s robots will see and digest the information it contains, such as the number of pages that are included in the site, how they relate to one another, and how frequently they are updated.

Add Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a kind of microdata. Its use helps Google interpret a website’s information more efficiently and provides search engine users with higher-quality returns. Its use helps boost visibility and click through rate (CTR), and makes a website easier to find. While it may not directly increase page rank, it does help improve overall site health.

Optimize Title Tag and Meta Descriptions With Phrases Like “How to” and “Tricks”

Astonishingly, webmasters often bypass such low-hanging seo fruit as title tags and meta descriptions. The meta description comprises the description that displays in search results beneath your site’s name in search engine returns. The choice to optimize title tags and meta descriptions with relevant keywords and phrases such as “how to” or “tricks” is an easy one and makes your site appear more professional.

Have a Responsive Site Design

A responsively designed site loads quickly and is optimized to suit the devices employed to access it. Today, this means it is mobile-friendly, as most people use tablets and cell phones. Google Analytics provides precise information regarding the various types of devices being used to access your site.

Add Social Media Buttons to Pages

Whether links to social media help your site’s ranking is a matter of some debate. What is inescapably true, however, is that any high-quality site is expected to have such links. In addition, they definitely increase a site’s visitors which, in turn, increase the probability that real, organic links will end up being established throughout cyberspace.

Pay for Facebook and Twitter Ads

Twitter and Facebook ads guarantee that your name and message is seen by millions. They build brand recognition and increase website traffic. Research shows that people are more likely to share information via a platform they’re currently using rather than any other way. The more social shares your site receives, the more your potential clients.

Add Alt Tags to Images

Search engines don’t know what to do with images, or even an seo infographic, unless they are defined by alt tags. By adding alt tags to all of the images on your site, you ensure they will be properly read and your site will rank as high as possible.

Write Useful Content that Includes Keywords

High-value content is information your site visitors can readily access, understand, and use. Nothing encourages the spread of natural links like quality content. By ensuring your content includes  the keywords, particularly long tail keywords, you will receive the best results possible.

Create Readable URLs

Readable URLs that employ words, as opposed to those that are merely a string of numbers and characters, are by far the most desirable. They identify the page’s topic, cause it to position higher in the rankings, and are easier to remember.

Get Rid of Duplicate Content

Google dislikes duplicate content. Check your site for identical or appreciably similar blocks of content. Also, check to make sure no one has stolen your content. Use canonical tags where appropriate to ensure that search robots don’t mistakenly assume you’ve repeated your pages.

Update Your Listings in All Directories

Not only does Google dislike mistakes in online directory listings, but your clients and potential clients don’t, either. Take the time to regularly check your online listings for accuracy. Doing so helps to protect your business’s reputation.

infographic for fast easy seo fixes

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There you have it! Fifteen easy search engine optimization fixes you can employ to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your webpage’s SEO. None requires a site restructure and, together, they promise higher search engine rankings and a greater flow of qualified traffic to your site.

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