How can you run a retargeting campaign without being creepy?

google adwords remarketing retargeting display

google adwords remarketing retargeting displayThe concept of remarketing could also be called re-targeting considering how it takes an online ad and tries to re-entice customers. While that might sound overly obtrusive, it can be very beneficial if done judiciously and through Google’s valuable display network. That’s because remarketing works on a psychological level that subtly reminds people that they were viewing and considering an item on your site hours or days earlier.

Working with Google Adwords, how can you get the techniques of remarketing to be truly effective at creating conversions? It can sometimes be a gamble when dealing with where your ad is displayed. But it can lead to significant exposure that’s almost certain to bring back someone who initially abandoned a purchase or similar conversion.

Compiling Your List

It’s quite easy to compile a list of the people you want to convert. Google Adwords can help you compile the cookies of individuals that were looking at one of your products and left before deciding to buy. Once a list is compiled, you’ll be given a tag you can paste at various places that allow an ad to be displayed for only those unconverted customers.

Where’s the best place to paste that remarketing tag? In the beginning, you’ll have to limit it to the basics.

Placing Your Tag on Your Site and on Social Media

Considering how effective remarketing campaigns can be, pasting your remarketing tag on your business website and on social media may be successful enough. When those prior customers visit your website, they’ll see an ad that displays the product they were looking at earlier in the day or week. You’ll even have a choice through Adwords of how long you want it displayed until someone actually converts.

That customer may not click on the ad if it doesn’t look appealing. You’ll have to choose the design of your ad and where exactly it leads once a customer decides to click.

Thinking About Design, Timing, Incentives and Landing Page

Adwords gives you a chance to choose an ad size you think will catch the eye of your prospective customers. While a larger size might be effective, it can also look overly obvious. Sometimes a smaller size can work just as well. The important thing is to have a remarketing ad that plainly shows the original product the person was looking at, plus your own logo. This can give a sense of branding when you use the ad away from your own site.

If you’re having trouble getting those customers to convert, you can keep the ad going for over a year if you so choose. Regardless, you might want to time it out so it isn’t seen every single day. Having it seen intermittently can give a more subtle reminder of enticement.

To give it more appeal, consider giving an incentive in the ad like free shipping if the person decides to buy. Make sure that the person ends up back on your site’s product page when they click on the ad.

Bidding for the Big Time

Google will eventually place your ad on their massive display network if your ad has successful conversions. You have to bid on what you think will be your best bet in conversions. The more bids you place, the better chance of your ad appearing on major websites. Once that happens, those elusive customers will happen to see your targeted ad on many of the most popular websites in the world.

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