How Google Plus helps your SEO: The importance of integration and quality content

google plus for seo
google plus for seo

Did you know Google Plus can help your SEO and get your website better placed on Google? Perhaps you’ve ignored Google Plus since it began, considering you may think of it as strictly a social media hangout for Google employees rather than a mechanism for helping search engine optimization. But because Google describes the place as being a unique mix of communication and socializing, it has capabilities of giving you excellent search engine results. To make any difference, you have to make an effort to assimilate Google Plus into your content, website, and social media marketing strategy.

Linking your Google Plus page to your website

If you haven’t started a Google Plus page first, you should. When you do, the more information you can place there, the more apt it is to give you credibility. This also helps give you official authorship to your content as a preventative toward plagiarizers stealing your content. Plagiarism is a big problem with online content, and those people can profit off your content when it ranks high on search engines. Once you create a Google Plus page, you can integrate it with all your content, including your website. When you include a direct link in a prominent location on your site, Google will associate your site with your Google Plus profile. Popular content also helps the SEO ranking for your site and ultimately gets it listed much higher than it likely was. Don’t forget to set up your Google Plus snippet, which is a tiny biographic box that affixes to all your content. When you set this up, readers will see your name, your picture and other Google Plus information when they discover your content in a search.

Paying attention to quality in your content

The emphasis on creating quality content gets mentioned considerably on how-to sites related to SEO. That overemphasis might be easy to ignore, yet you have to take it seriously. Even if it’s a major challenge for some businesses to come up with compelling content on a daily basis for their blogs, it’s going to help in connection with Google Plus. That’s because good content placed on Google Plus brings comments and ways you can respond. Your conversations with readers there helps your content become dynamic and more apt to rank higher on Google.

Adding the Google Plus icon to your content

When your content is published on your site or elsewhere, you shouldn’t hesitate to include the Google Plus share icon near the title. Google has been using Google Plus as a strong barometer in determining who gets the highest ranking on their search engine. If you manage to get thousands of people sharing your content on Google Plus, Google is going to take notice. Google Plus lets you customize how big you want the now ubiquitous +1 icon to be next to your content and even where it should be placed. Once you make your decisions, all you have to do is copy the code into your content. Once you try all of the above, your chances increase of ranking higher on Google within weeks. And while it may seem like Google domination, Google Plus is ultimately helping B2B businesses get noticed easier nationally and locally. Here at Flagstone Search Marketing, we can help devise a plan that gets you found on any search engine. We know the secrets of the trade to use SEO to your best advantage so your search engine rankings stay consistently high for years. Contact us about our techniques and how your search engine placement depends on a variety of factors in addition to the Google magic wand.

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