Create emotion in your email marketing with videos

creating emotion in email marketing with video

What if we took a look at the power of positive emotions in marketing?

This is an important topic, as people’s decision-making is often impacted by their emotional state of mind. In fact, online marketers should take advantage of this because it can have a huge impact on how effective their campaigns are.

We all know that email marketing can be more successful with just one simple tip: implement positive emotions! This will help you engage your customers and give them something to look forward to. Give them a positive experience every time they open up an email from you and make sure they feel valued and appreciated.

Change the mindset to “we” vs. “me”

When marketers are too occupied with driving traffic to our websites, positive emotional connection with our potential customers is left on the back burner. The way you see your connections with people is altered through positivity, and you begin to think ‘we’ rather than ‘me’. When you cultivate the ‘we’ mindset and begin attracting people to you, you will in return increase chances of them accepting what you are offering.

Email marketing has long been about sending millions of marketing messages out in the hopes of getting clicks and conversions. They are meant for your prospects to read, click and hopefully become customers of your products. How about changing up how you interact in your email messages by adding video, where your goal is to have your prospects watching, laughing, smiling, crying, nodding, rewinding, interacting and clicking.

Sit, watch, click

Let us focus on customer emotion when it comes to email marketing. There is something that occurs when your prospects are feeling emotion. First, they begin with the physical which is sitting, watching and clicking. Then they focus on the message and begin to feel the message emotionally. Motion causes emotion, therefore, the things we do physically, has an effect on our actions. Our emotions or feelings come into play and becomes part of our movement…so, if you are looking to alter your potential customers’ emotions, get them doing something different physically; get them engaging.

Email as we know it is going through some significant growing pains and customers are not connecting as much with traditional email marketing, Marketers are now incorporating video in their messages to alter customer emotion and connect with them on a more personal basis.

Adding human value to emails

By adding video in your messages, you are evoking emotion by adding a ‘human touch’. People naturally connect better to marketing that is more personal. Customer engagement is the result of branding your emails with video for the purpose of engaging your customers and getting them to take those particular actions mentioned (watch, nod, smile, laugh, click).

According to MarketingSherpa, conversion rates are increased by 50% when video is placed in an email. Carolyn Jacquest, Haven Holiday’s Online Marketing Executive, conducted a study, testing the MarketingSherpa theory. The results were plain and simple; adding video in email works. Conversion rates were 50.2% higher than in campaigns ran without embedding video.

Overall, two good reasons to embed video in your email messages are better customer engagement and better conversions. Because this type of content is simple to create, it makes perfect sense to give it a try.  For more information on email marketing and other marketing services, please contact us.

photo credit: Rudy Herman via photopin cc

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