Why you should care about Google authorship: Creating an online identity and defeating plagiarism

the importance of google authorship

You have some very good reasons why you should care about authorship through Google when trying to forge a respected online writing identity in a B2B business. Writers considered experts in their fields need to be able to rank high on search engines when people search out their name. And thanks to the social media of Google+, a Google Authorship program can help B2B writers rank at the top as part of an SEO marketing strategy.

Using this system also provides much more than just carving out a professional identity. You can help give a picture of who you are, plus fighting back against plagiarists who continue to capitalize on your hard work.

Adding a picture to everything you write

When you become a professional writer, you need to have a professional picture to go with the words. It simply adds credibility, especially when you’re a B2B business writing content on the web. Signing up for Google Authorship allows everything you post on Google+ to have your profile picture automatically attached to it. It’s a super way to get your writing out there so other businesses reading your content will know you have credibility.

The power of Google indexing

Sticking with Google+ and posting all your B2B content there will enable you to get something timely onto Google’s search engines within a short time. When you want to attract customers about a hot news story, you’ll be ranked in the first few results and have instant professionalism with your profile pic. It’s a procedure that you can see every B2B business using within the coming year.

The ultimate fight against plagiarism

One of the strongest benefits of Google Authorship is having your material ranking high above those who might have plagiarized your material. A big problem with writers online is plagiarists who attempt to make a buck off your content. And because they usually do make money based on how high search engines place them, having your professional profile next to an article will prove that you’re the original writer. It’s a tool that many online writers have long waited for and can help increase the business for a company dealing in B2B services.

Yes, Google Authorship is one of the most exciting online marketing methods out there, despite not being as well known yet as it should be. Here at Flagstone Search Marketing, we’ll help implement it for you, plus work on other forms of marketing that are necessary for your B2B business.

Contact us and we’ll tell you about what else we can offer you from email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, to building effective landing pages.

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