The many benefits of a LinkedIn company page

linkedin company page

If your business has employees, chances are many have already updated their personal profiles to show where they work i.e. your company’s name. So now, every LinkedIn user that connects with an employee’s profile may potentially click on your company name and land on your LinkedIn Company Page. Thus, first impressions will be formed based on the amount and type of information displayed. As every employee has the opportunity to promote your company, use the LinkedIn Company Page to your advantage.

According to HubSpot, online marketers consider LinkedIn and its 147 million users as the most effective channel for lead generation—in fact 277% more effective than other social media sites.

There are three primary features you can utilize to increase your reach on LinkedIn:

  1. Your company page
  2. Groups
  3. Individual employee profiles
Leverage a mix of all three to begin establishing your company’s presence.

LinkedIn Company Pages offers businesses a way to craft and broadcast their own message, publicize the latest news, engage with followers, share job opportunities, and in the end, increase lead generation opportunities.

LinkedIn Company Pages include four tabs to organize your company’s information:

  1. Overview
  2. Products & Services
  3. Careers
  4. Employee Information

Note: It’s important to fill out all of the tabs completely with information. Try seeding the description text with some of your core keywords from SEO campaigns.

5 ideas to promote your company’s LinkedIn page:

  1. Send out a company email encouraging employees to promote and connect to the Company Page in their individual user profiles and in groups.
  2. Consider adding a “Follow Company” or “Recommend Company” on your company’s website, other social media channels, as well as on email newsletters
  3. Non-digital channels such as brochures or press releases.
  4. Increasing social reach on LinkedIn requires more than just the effort of a lone PR person or the marketing department; asking everyone to connect their profiles to the company’s LinkedIn Company Page (if they don’t have LinkedIn profiles, encourage them to create one).
  5. Consider a pay-per-click (PPC) LinkedIn display ads campaign. LinkedIn Ads allows very granular targeting to individuals by industry, occupation, geography, and even income level, so this might be a way to kick-start your campaign in the early phases.

Using LinkedIn’s analtyics tab

The final tab (only visible if you are logged in as an admin) on your company page is the analytics tab. Because everything to do with internet marketing is measurable, us this to take the time to analyze the results of your efforts, that way, you can determine whether these activities justify additional effort (duh, right?) The analytics tab will allow you to track page views and unique visitors on your LinkedIn Company Page, it will also show visits to the other tabs — Products & Services, Employment/Careers, Employee Information. LinkedIn also measures how many clicks your products or services have received and the number of members following your Company Page.

LinkedIn audience share stats

  • 135+ million professional profiles
  • 2+ million company pages
  • 2 new members join every second

Business decision makers & influencers

  • All Fortune 500 companies are represented at the executive-level
  • 77% of members tell others about new companies and technologies
  • More unique monthly visitors than, and combined

Stats Source: Wildfire Social Media Marketing

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