3 Tips for Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Recently, Google has updated its search algorithm, Penguin, and the result of this update has businesses reconsidering their approach to content marketing. Those that have relied on a mediocre social media approaches that incorporate inadequate content are being forced to revisit their strategy since they have lost prominence in Google’s rankings.

As a matter of fact, some sites have ranked low enough in the search engine results to become completely de-indexed. These manual penalties that have resulted in a dismal state of affairs can render a business completely obsolete due to its lack of relevance in search results.

As you evaluate your content strategy you need to keep a couple of things in mind. It does not matter whether your site constitutes your livelihood or just a few extra cents each month, your content strategy is what leads people to recognize you as a legitimate brand and decide to conduct business with you.

1. Understand Your Goals

Having clear goals in mind will help guide your content strategy. Take the time to write down what you seek to achieve and break it down in small, achievable goals that build upon one another. Once this is done, reflect on how your content strategy will tie with your goals to help you reach them.

2. Analyze Your Data

Use the tools at your disposal to learn more about the direction your content strategy should take. If you use an email distribution service or some other analytic tool you should be able to assess the effectiveness, popularity and relevance of content you have already put forward. This is essential in understanding what your readers value and want from you.

3. Develop a Timeline

After understanding what you want and how you are going to make it happen, set deadlines for yourself for when you want to see each goal achieved. Let your timeline serve as a measurable tool that you can revisit periodically and assess how far you have come towards attaining your goal.

Summing things up

A great content strategy is not built overnight. As is the case with most marketing efforts, it takes a while for it to yield the benefits you desire. Still, implementing the techniques described above are likely to be effective for cultivating a stronger social media presence and generating considerable traffic in a cost effective manner.

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