Why Long-Tail Keywords Make for an Incredibly Effective SEO Strategy

photo of a monkey with a very long tail to illustrate the concept of using long-tail keywords as an organic seo strategy

In the world of SEO, we’re all admittedly looking for “the next big thing” to score a high ranking on Google’s algorithm. It can be all too easy to be mesmerized by the staggering amount of results that a single Google search result can yield. Millions of results for a simple, generalized topic – what […]

Flagstone Search Marketing Named Top SEO Marketing Firm

Did you know that SEO increases both the quality and quantity of your website’s traffic? With so many websites available at the tips of our fingers, it can be difficult to make your website stand out and grab the attention of search engines. Lucky for you, we are experts in boosting your website to the […]

Should You Invest in Search Engine Optimization or PPC Advertising?

should you invest in seo or ppc first for your business

With Google processing over 4 billion Internet searches every day, the battle for consumers’ attention has never been more difficult. And, unfortunately, search engines are where your website needs to be if it wants to get in front of prospective customers or clients. Specifically, your website needs to sit atop the first page of search […]

How to Assess WordPress Theme Quality for Your Business Website

how to assess wordpress theme quality on themeforest

WordPress themes are so much more than just design templates. Sure, they give you what essentially boils down to a pre-designed “skin” for your website, but that’s not all. A WordPress theme is made by a designer who knows how to code. So, when you install a theme on your site, you’re actually getting designed […]

WordPress Performance Optimization With Caching Plugins

picture of a car going fast down a road to denote the idea of speed and performance for wordpress websites

Kissmetrics published an infographic a few years back called “How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line”. Intrigued? You should be. The infographic demonstrates how important website loading speeds and overall performance are to the user experience. For those that are willing to wait, 79% of consumers say that slow speeds make them less likely to […]

My Interview with The Trust Factor on Business Innovators Radio Network

It was a great honor to talk with Neil Howe about the developments regarding SEO and how to use trust triggers. These triggers encourage people to buy. At the same time, I took the opportunity to discuss some of the SEO myths that are out there that scare many online marketers and business owners away […]

Carlton Smith On Business Innovators Radio

Flagstone Search Marketing, LLC, based in Birmingham, AL, is proud to announce that Carlton R. Smith, the company’s president, has been interviewed by Business Innovators Radio Network host Neil Howe. In the Business Innovators Radio Interview, Carlton Smith discusses the use of trust triggers as part of a digital marketing strategy. In addition, he also […]

Image Optimization 101: How to Properly Use Images in WordPress

wordpress image optimization tips and plugins

There was a study done awhile back that basically says that text-only content doesn’t fare too well in the memories of its readers; only 10% of it can be recalled three days later. When a picture is added to that content, however, readers are able to remember 65% of it in that same timeframe. That’s […]

The Rewards and Perils of Using an Exact Match Domain

the pros and cons of exact match domains emd

Press 2007 into the keypad on your time machine and hit the start button. When the stomach-churning journey ends (always bring a barf bag when you time travel), you’ll open the door and be faced with a world where selfies were taken by aiming your camera at a mirror, and GIFs were full of sparkly […]

Twitter’s New 280 Character Limit: Double the Pleasure or Double Trouble?

twitter's new 280-character limit

Last week Twitter doubled the character limit on tweets, bringing the max length of a tweet to 280 characters.  Yippee! Has Twitter doubled the pleasure and doubled the fun of using Twitter?Results are still pending… Why Double? When Twitter started out in 2006, it based its character limit on the number of characters that […]